Quang Ninh province is not only famous for Ha Long Bay scenery but also numerous excellent seafood dishes.  
Seafood is caught daily so it is always fresh and does not need too fussily processing but still retain the characteristic flavor of the river. Here are 5 specialties which tourists should not miss when coming to this beautiful coastal city.
List of the 5 most delicious seafood dishes in Halong city

1. Seafood Noodle  Seafood noodle appear in recent time but it can conquer even the prissiest diners as it fully converge elements: sweet, aromatic, nutritious. A bowl of seafood noodle has shrimp, squid, fried fish, crab meat, tofu and parsley. Sweetness of bone’s broth blends harmoniously with the cool sour taste of seafood, herbs. On Ha Long city, there are lots of restaurants selling this food. Some well-known addresses that you can refer is that the seafood noodle restaurant on the White Bridge - Ha Tu, Hai Van restaurant at the head of road to the Dong Bac company ...

2. Sam Surely dishes made from Sam - an arthropod crustacean is a bit new to many people. A unique feature of this species is when processing, they must butcher a pair of male and female one, because this is cold seafood so if only eat one it could cause allergies easily. From the main material Sam, we can cook a lot of different delicacies like crab salad, steamed crab, crab pudding, fried crab, fried egg’s Sam, grilled Sam’s cartilage .... If want to enjoy delicious dish, you should go to Mrs. Ty restaurant in 6th lane 6 Cao Thang street, Gieng Don Food Street or Cao Xanh - Sam shop on 25 April street, Bach Dang Ward. A further address that is also pretty famous is Quang Yen sam, located on the way from Ha Long to Hanoi.

3. Snails Come to Halong you cannot miss the taste of snail because it is very popular snacks and the price is affordable. You should go to the sidewalks booth to have a better feeling and comfort. Almost shop in Halong city serves boiled, fried and baked snails with a wide variety of snails for customers to choice, the most common is Buou, Dieu, Mut... Snails fried with tamarind, coconut, soy sauce, sauce ... very attractive and addictive. You can refer to the following address: Van Lang restaurant, snail kiosk on Nguyen Van Cu road ... if want to eat oyster you can also enjoy one at these addresses.

4. Ngan Ngan is very famous and can make many dishes such as grill, steam, cooked porridge ... even soaking liquor. In which attracts tourists especially is fried Ngan noodle dish. Food not looks nice, not smells good but very tasty and healthy. Wash Ngan’s meat then finely chops. Put on spices, seasoning, mix well and fry in a pan. Wait a bit then put in the cut fungus, mushrooms. It should be eaten with pepper to increase the spicy of dish. Generally, Ngan is in the menu of most restaurants so you can easily encounter this specialty anywhere in Ha Long, Quang Ninh.

5. Ha With Quang Ninh local, Ha is a rural dishes and be processed more than oysters. The tasty and fatty meat inside the shells is taken out to make sour soup with tamarind. Sprinkle a little dill, onion, red pepper and served with a little basil. Simple but brings cool tasty and great frugality. Besides soup, Ha can also be used to prepare easy- cooking dishes such as delicious fatty fritters. Travelling is not simply visiting beauty but also discover cuisine there. In Ha Long City, you both experience many interesting things about the world-famous landmarks and have the opportunity to enjoy specialties with feature of regions. If set foot on this land someday, remember tasting through all specialties which are mentioned above to your trip is more perfectly complete.