Roads to Halong Bay.

The roads to Halong would be the hot topic of every travelers who would like to take the trip to Halong Bay.
As the toll fee on the highways in Vietnam are very high if compare with traditional tour cost. Then we create many different options which help you have the best itinerary and the package tour with Halong bay 1 day.

1: For Traditional National road:
we choose the roads which would take 1 hour 45 minutes driving then a break at stopover for 20 minutes. Next would be another 1 hour 14 minutes. In late 2018, we have invested a fleet of new buses. With our comfortable modern bus, we would make your trip enjoyable and memorial.

2: Highway Hanoi - Halong - Hanoi
We just have a new highway from Hanoi - Halong bay which would take 2 hours 30 minutes straightly drive from Hanoi. 
If you would like to choose these services. Please select in our tour options:
- Fully service private tranfer with highways for private luxury and join in tranfer services.

3: Highway Hanoi - Halong for Luxury Halong Bay 4 Hours Cruise Day Tour. 2 and half hour driving each way.
For this Luxury trip is for small group of tranfer from 6-8 persons. However, on this tranfer would be option with tour guide and without tour guide taking care.
Just group tour guide when you boarding your cruise in Tuan Chau Marina.

(Above picture for Hanoi - Halong Bay - Hanoi)

Please choose the best itinerary that you want for your best vacation.
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