Photo hunting on the sundesk while sailing would be the best with the spectacular sceneries of The World Heritage seascape of Halong Bay, dotted with jagged limestone pinnacles,.

It depends on how long is your trip and time on the cruise. You can have perfect pictures of the bay.

With the itinerary 1 about 4,5 hours, you could visit the bay with the visits of Heavenly Palace Cave and Floating village of Ba Hang with the activities of Kayaking or Bamboo boat. While cruising you also have chance to visit the symbol of Halong bay: Fighting cocks islands and Incent Bunner Islands which printed on 200.000 vietnam dong note.

Tips for taking the best photos in Halong Bay

Halong Bay’ breathtaking views offer its visitors a perfect opportunity to add some great shots to to their photography portfolio. Here are some tips that might be useful for the photo hunters when visiting Halong.

Pick the right time to go:

December to February is the coldest time of the year with drizzle and fog, which often results in low visibility. Therefore, if you want to take amazing pictures of limestone mountains and emerald water, photo hunters should visit Halong Bay on other period of the year.As the sunlight is an important factor to have a good picture, you are strongly recommended to take your trip from April to July, when Halong is filled with constant sunshine and will definitely amaze you with full of light in the Bay.EquipmentIt is advised that you should use lenses with very wide angle for better photos when shooting Halong Bay seascape.

Some suggestions are Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8G, Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8G and Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8G VR II.

Be ready

One of most attractive about photography in Vietnam is the pace of everyday life, and as a photographer you always need to be on the lookout and ready for opportunities. Here in Halong, the last thing you want is to miss a great opportunity of shooting a photo of local fishermen or a boat lady selling stuff. Hence, your camera should be out of its case or bag, switched on and with the lens cap off.